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YachtProjects and Ultraguard!

By October 26, 2020News

Press Release

YachtProjects International is pleased to announce that they are now a Dealer for Ultraguard – Ultrasonic Antifouling Solutions for the Commercial Marine Industry.

Clients of both companies have enjoyed many years of faultless service. YachtProjects Internationals’ clients will benefit by having yet another world-class product available under the same banner they know and respect.

The companies’ ethos compliment each other as both are passionate about providing world-class products and fast, efficient service. We both are always ready to answer questions and tackle whatever challenge our diverse client base can find for us. Flexibility and the open mind to find a solution for a given challenge means we are well versed in streamlining a new build or retrofit, finding products that compliment each other in the engine room and that are all leaders in their respective fields.

Ultraguard Ultrasonic Antifouling Solutions use pulses of ultrasonic sound at specific frequencies to induce a resonance response in the surface to be protected. This causes the surface to vibrate slightly creating a sub-optimal environment, which prevents the larvae from attaching to and colonising the surface. Keeping a ships’ hull free of marine growth in this manner drastically reduces drag on the hull. This reduces fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately reduces the vessel’s operating costs.

Ultraguard join our partners, Headhunter Inc, FCI, WET Marine, Optimarin, Yacht Samples, Superyacht Rubbish, Wills Ridley, Sephco, Penzance Dry Dock, SEAL ECDIS allowing us to offer modern and approved services for:-
*Black and Grey water treatment
*The complete Potable water solution, from desalination, pumping, testing for purity to producing a healthy and beneficial drinking water
*Onboard tank monitoring and level equipment
*Onboard efficient waste management
*Marine Hydraulic Steering Gear
*Load Banks
*Touchscreen ECDIS
*Yard Services