VSAT Pricing

YachtProjects VSAT service gives your vessel a link to the outside word you can trust.
VSAT solutions across all communication frequencies. All supported by our 365/24/7 NOC

In the table below you will see the prices for KU Global and Regional beams. We offer more options than below, if you have a specific plan you need, feel free to contact us.

*Some plans are dependant on antenna size.*

Fed up of lengthy inflexible VSAT Contracts?

It’s time for Change!

Introducing our new 365 day Flexible contract
Giving you total flexibility in the bandwidth you pay for on a day to day basis
Up and down the service as often as you like!*
Suspend the service as often as you like! The suspended number of days simply get added to the end of the original time frame.
There is no total time limit in the required use of the band width.

Download Our VSAT Price List Below

VSAT Price List

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