Seawall Firewall


Seawall Firewall runs on a virtualized server able to be scaled to vessels of all sizes, this also allows us to do real time server failover if the main Host Server was to fail.


Seawall Firewall is designed for the maritime industry where connections to the internet are mainly though satellite connection which inherently deal with high latency and low bandwidth. Seawall allows us to optimize the traffic that is sent though these lines to increase overall user experience.


We start with a base network design that has been created and tested on 100s of vessels that we then work with the vessels staff to bespokly create a solution that is perfect for your operating needs.


Seawall brings access to our 365 24/7 support which allows you piece of mind when you run into a issue.

Seawall Firewall

Seawall Firewall is a bespoke solution designed specifically for the maritime environment and clientele. Developed with both small cruise ship operators and ETO technicians on board or even for many yachts with no ETO or crew with little or no IT / network experience.

Backed up by our dedicated IT support on shore designing and implementing new installs or dealing with change requests or support tickets. We always have someone to help you tailor the system to your requirements and support that 24/7.

Firewall and router 

Seawall acts as the vessels firewall and router, protecting and distributing network traffic in and around the vessel.

  • Our install team will work with onboard techs to design and implement a complete solution to move all ships networking over to the Seawall platform.
  • Configuration of routing rules which control Internet traffic and local Network connections, Controlling what systems can communicate with each other.
  • Prevent viruses, worms, trojans and spyware from attacking your network. Seawall has a built in detection system that will help prevent unwanted access to your vessels Systems.

Limit and divide the limited internet access to key areas of your vessel. 

Create pools or priorities of access to the internet, Seawall allows us to create specific rules that will divide and limit chunks of your incoming network connection and deliver them as dedicated lines to key areas of the network, Stopping one user from hogging all the data.

For Example on a vessel with a 10MB Connection we can limit and split the incoming data so there is a dedicated 5MB for the vessels owner and the remaining data can be split between the Crew(2MB), Ships Operations(2MB)  and Onboard Systems(1MB(Email, VoIP, VOD)).


Seawall captive portal allows you to create time or data based vouchers that allow you to provide a limited data allowance. These vouchers give you the ability to offer codes for when the user enters them into specific Wireless or Wired networks to gain internet access for the set time.

This can be a great source of revenue for charter vessels or cruise ships, or just a convenient way to manage internet access.


Most administrative and system changes will be handled by our inhouse support department; each seawall firewall is unique in its design and changes need to be made to maintain security and reliability.  The vessel will have access to some administrative systems to create vouchers and users check system status and network usage.

Secure VPN

Seawall allows for secure VPN for connection between multiple vessels or between head office and the vessel allowing secure communication that can not be intercepted.

  • Multiple client-to-site and site-to-site tunnels
  • IPsec client-to-site/site-to-site
  • L2TP/IPsec for mobile devices
  • Persistent connection
  • SSL encryption
  • VPN tunnel failover
  • NAT support

Scalable solution

Seawall is a scalable solution, with multiple options on what platform is best for your vessel.

  • Seawall-SFF – Small form factor server suitable for vessels up 30 Users
  • Sewall Standard – Seawall Standard solution suitable for larger vessels with users up to 1000 Devices  
  • Sewall High Redundancy – High Redundancy solution is designed for vessels that need a fully redundant system even if the main server fails or the server room becomes damaged. Connections will failover to the redundant system located in a separate location on the vessel.