Network Design

Wireless Network


Network Design

Network Consultancy

Yachtprojects International and our sister company Procom365  have over the past six  years completed many  large on board network solutions in maritime,  both in the yacht and commercial sectors. Together with out “always on” internet connections we are able to provide the following network services.

  • Initial design and consultancy for the entire network
  • Cable installation, termination and testing
  • Hardware installation including servers, firewalls (bespoke) , network management, SIP/PBX, Wifi
  • Management and service soft ware for POS / inventory / purchasing / door security systems
  • Remote management
  • Crew Training and supply of  qualified officers

We pride ourselves for being in the forefront of new technology and its integration into our supply and service operations. And we have vast experience in bringing older systems up to date and seamlessly integrating new technology with old. Our costs are invariably the most competitive in the industry and as you can see from out testimonials we have clients who have been with us for many years which is indicative of superior service.

Our Inhouse techs are certified in the technology solutions that we install, Wireless network Design and management, Failover Network Solutions, Disaster Recovery.

Each Network is bespokely designed for you vessels needs and requirements, We aim to build a reliable redundant solution that fits both the requirements and the budget while maintaining the cyber security of your vessel and passengers.

Network Design
  • Refit or New Builds
  • Cable route design
  • Redundancy in design
  • Network Cabinet Design
  • Network Drawings
  • Wireless Surveys and Analysis
Cyber Security
  • Designed to prevent physical security attacks.
  • Security Software updates
  • Anti Virus
  • Malware protection
  • Crew Training

Wireless Network

We offer a comprehensive consultancy service to support vessels who require the technical expertise of a wireless expert.

As a company who have designed and implemented many large wireless networks onboard vessels in both the private and the commercial industry.

We are able to advise on creating a wireless strategy, choosing the appropriate technologies and architecture and designing a platform that will work on the difficult environment of a vessel.

Wireless Network design is inherently difficult onboard a vessel due to the amount of Metal and Insulation that separate cabins and areas of the vessel.

We have experience with our commercial users who have high density of devices in specific areas of the vessel such as lounges and entertainment Areas where having a reliable connection for 100s of devices at once is important.

Our recommendation for nearly all vessels is Ubiquity’s Unifi line, Which allows for a multitude of types of wireless access points that are perfectly designed to fit the environment.


Vessels networks run on a combination of Ethernet Cable, Fiber-optics and Switches, We design our networks to be as secure, redundant and Cost effective as possible.

Where possible each Switch will have a redundant Link connection back to the main server room designed as much as possible so if a compartment is damaged or a link line is damaged devices, switches and equipment will not lose network connection.

In Combination with Our Seawall firewall/router we are able to set up quality of service so priority data is prioritized this can include, Owners Data, Ships Navigation Data, VoIP Data or any data that vessel owner or management decide needs to be prioritised.