Anti-Fouling Solutions

The water contains a microbiome of various species of larvae in suspension that will attach themselves to marine structures and surfaces if the conditions allow. These larvae require a number of environmental criteria to be in an optimum state to allow them to begin the colonisation process. These criteria include water temperature, salinity, light levels, time of year, concentration of larvae and seed in the water. These along with other criteria can affect colonisation depending on the species and type of growth. A suitable surface to attach to is also essential.

Our goal is to use ultrasonic sound waves to create a resonance in the structure which causes a vibration in the surface being protected. This, in turn, becomes a sub-optimal location for the colonisation process to begin. This vibration can only prevent the colonisation at the larval stage. Mature growth creates bonds that are too strong to be affected by the vibrations. To this end, ultrasonic antifouling systems can only keep a clean surface clean, they can not clean a heavily fouled surface.

How it works!

The seas and waterways contain a suspended microbiome of larvae and seed which will become marine growth.

To colonise and grow these larvae require the correct conditions. Sunlight, salinity, water current and temperature all require to be at optimum levels.

If all the criteria are correct and there is a suitable stable surface to attach themselves to, the larvae will colonise that surface and start to develop into marine growth.

Ultraguard Antifouling uses pulses of ultrasonic sound at specific frequencies to induce a resonance response in the surface to be protected. This causes the surface to vibrate.

By causing the protected surface to vibrate slightly at the correct frequencies, Ultraguard creates a sub optimal environment, which, prevents the larvae from attaching to and colonising the surface.

Keeping a ship’s hull free of marine growth in this manner drastically reduces drag on the hull. This reduces fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately reduces the vessel’s operating costs.

What makes this Anti-fouling solution different? Research, Quality & Power!

Research – Having been in the UAS market with other brands for five years, Ultraguard have witnessed and been involved with a lot of the research that’s been done over the years. They’ve also carried out a lot themselves. They’ve also had the benefit of seeing what research theories work in the real world on other systems and what doesn’t. All of this has been implemented into Ultraguard.

Quality – They like to think that Ultraguard has the highest quality of component and manufacturing in the market. Their factory is fully ISO compliant and have full traceability on every component used right back to who signed the purchase order at the suppliers. And because their factory is in the UK and not a remote factory in the Far East, they’re able to very quickly fix issues that do arise.

Power – Ultraguard is the most powerful system on the market. The acoustic waves are up to ten times as powerful as some competitors. They’ve optimised their circuitry and amplifiers to work with their transducers. This gives a cleaner and more powerful signal. They even went as far as having their transformers custom wound in the UK. Doing this instead of using off the shelf transformers has allowed them to lower operating temps by 20%. This leads to less losses and better reliability.

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