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Intellian is a leading global provider of stabilized satellite antenna systems. Built upon our patented RF, stabilization and tracking technologies, our products support a wide range of industries, including Commercial Maritime, Offshore Energy, Defense & Intelligence and Luxury Yachting. Our comprehensive range of antenna systems includes Satellite TV, VSAT, Global Xpress and FleetBroadband solutions.

Whether delivering goods across oceans, exploring for oil & gas in remote regions, or simply enjoying the world’s great cruising destinations, the need for reliable connectivity is ever-present and always increasing. Intellian was founded on the premise that making remote connectivity simple could increase profitability for enterprises and improve lives for all.



For too long, VSAT has been a complex and cumbersome technology to adopt. Many segments of the offshore industry have deferred upgrading their vessel’s communications, preferring the simplicity of legacy solutions even while suffering from lower bandwidth.

Intellian has played a pivotal role in changing the industry’s perception of VSAT as a viable, convenient communications solution. Not only have we drastically shortened installation times but also pioneered the availability of remote management, control and support systems around the globe. From developing the world’s first truly global LNB to blazing a path in Ku- to Ka-band upgrade, Intellian antennas make VSAT easy.


Inmarsat’s high speed, broadband Global Xpress (GX) service, vessel operators now now have a viable alternative solution for affordable, global, high-speed broadband connectivity. Intellian’s v100GX antenna system is  the next generation of capability by providing outstanding performance today in Ka-band service with the ability to fail over automatically to Fleet Broad band automatically. The latter service is known as FX. The new NX series of antenna’s future proof the line up with access to Leo and Meo systems as they come on line.

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The Intellian  FB250 and FB500 FleetBroadband Terminals are the first units to receive ATC and Extended L-Band (XL) Type Approval from Inmarsat, providing the most cost effective way for a vessel to communicate via phone, Internet, or fax.

Intellian’s FleetBroadband products are some of the simplest and smallest communications products in the marine industry today. With two different models to choose from depending on the data speeds customers require, the FB250 and FB500 open up global coverage using Inmarsat’s dependable FleetBroadband network.


The complete range of Intellian marine satellite TV systems enables uninterrupted HD or SD TV viewing onboard. These dependable products have been developed for vessel owners who go to sea in all conditions or for those who like to drop anchor in a quiet cove somewhere. Intellian manufactures antennas with fewer moving parts, making the products smaller, quieter, and easier to install and operate.


The i-Series provides a complete range of the world’s most versatile and dependable 2-axis marine satellite TV antennas. Both powerful and compact, our i-Series antennas provide outstanding TV reception for boats as small as 7 meters (20ft) all the way up to the most luxurious yachts. Only Intellian offers exclusive – and patented – technologies that make watching TV onboard easier and more enjoyable than you ever imagined.


The s-Series enables customers with uninterrupted DirecTV coverage and WorldView capabilities around the globe for the Ultimate DirecTV HD Experience. With simultaneous reception from all three DirectTV satellites, the s-Series provides HDTV reception and DVR compatibility for a truly “just like home” experience. Additionally, everyone aboard the vessel can watch different channels on multiple receivers at the same time. Your fellow passengers can watch their favorite sitcoms while you enjoy the game – no more compromising!


The t-Series is the world’s first and only true global satellite TV service reception for uninterrupted entertainment. Ideal for larger offshore vessels, megayachts and commercial ships, Intellian’s WorldView™ enabled t-Series antennas feature groundbreaking 3-axis stabilized design for all regions around the globe.


Intellian has a global support network trained to the same standards as Intellian’s Own Engineers. Even the best designed and tested products can at times require support once deployed into the field, and when that time comes a vessel could be on the far side of the world. Intellian addresses these operational realities by providing a highly trained network of support and logistics facilities around the world.

Intellian customers are secure knowing that wherever the voyage takes them, a highly trained, fully equipped Intellian GSN facility is nearby.

Yachtprojects International technicians are all Intellian certified and very well versed in the operation of all the range of antennas.

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