FCI Watermakers

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YachtProjects are happy to be partnered with FCI Watermakers to help bring the future of marine desalination to vessels all around the world.

Intuitive engineering guarantees the longevity, durability and performance of every marine watermaker unit. FCI Watermakers system design optimizes the flow of water, while industrial-quality materials employed throughout the reverse osmosis system ensure robust operations. Take a look at the features that make an FCI watermaker the world’s finest.

FCI Watermakers does more than build and sell marine reverse osmosis systems. We invent the technology and advance the systems that are the future of marine desalination around the planet. Over three decades ago, FCI pioneered the integration of the UROC (Universal Reverse Osmosis Controller), which allowed features and automation never before seen in a marine water maker. These attributes have become standard in today’s marine desalinators and commercial systems, including one-touch commands, multiple station operation and remote system control and monitoring. Today, FCI continues to provide boaters and offshore industries with products that are always ahead of the curve. As both engineers and craftsmen, we specialize in dependable, high-performance and value-driven marine watermakers, and are proud of the thousands of continuously operating RO units that have been cruising the globe for decades.

Its Super Simple to use!

Simple one-touch operation. Start or Stop the system, or perform a water flush.

FCI V4 controls let you be in command. Whether it’s adjusting run time, gallons produced or simply setting up the standard Fresh Water Flush time, the V4 control is very intuitive and easy to use.

Monitor system data, including PSI, flow rates and system temperature. View your system’s status anytime.

Provides a snapshot of your system’s performance and stage of operation, including production rates and operational PSI.

With our APC (Automated Pressure Control) your system becomes fully automated. Run off of tank level controls, time of day, or simply touch the start icon and walk away.

Available in 7″ or 4.3″.

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