Our VoIP (Voice Over IP) service is designed and tested to work on the low bandwidth and high latency connections often used while at sea. All while providing excellent sound quality and affordability.

We have access to numbers from around the world places such as UK, USA/Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Netherlands and Europe. We have access to local area numbers to.

We also have the option to Port existing numbers from old providers to our system.

  • Low cost
  • Number Port
  • Low Latency Solution
  • Local Onboard Calling
  • Local PBX Integration


YachtProjects International Phone Server

YachtProjects Phone Server is a virtualised or physical server than can be installed into the ships network, This server provides Local SIP Connections to VoIP capable phones thoughout the vessel allowing for local onboard extensions. The system can also be configured to offer crew calling cards providing a limited time or cost to call anywhere in the world.

  • Unlimited Local Extensions
  • Paging
  • Voucher Integration
  • Soft Phone Intergration;  Allowing Smartphone connection.