YachtProjects International can provide near global airtime service with Ku, Ka, L and C band service.

YachtProjects works with many providers to create a bespoke and robust solution to ensure our customers are on the right plan and are receiving the right service at the right cost for their needs.

At YachtProjects we work with the industry antenna manufactures helping shape future design and products to bring you the best in stabilized maritime antennas. We have been, indeed are, involved in several Beta test programs ensuring our clients get the most up to date services available


YachtProjects International can offer airtime for your vessels pre existing hardware or any new that we can supply,
We work with both clients and providers to offer near global coverage currently using over 60 geo stationary and polar orbit satellites allowing a service that you can rely on.

Our secondary terrestrial VOIP and data networks allow our clients to be contact 24 / 7 almost anywhere on the surface of the planet and even below the ocean surface.


YachtProjects International are partners with the leading manufactures of stabilized maritime antennas. As such we can offer competitive prices to purchase or lease and using our in house certified techs we can install and commission at the most competitive costs in the industry. Our team monitors, maintains and manages the equipment that keeps you connected while out at sea even when you are asleep.

Click the button bellow to learn more about our preferred Intellian hardware. Other brands available on request.

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