Seall Touch Screen ECDIS

The system

The Seall ECDIS has all the functionalities and capabilities of a compliant ECDIS as well as offering much more.
Its enhanced features, including the touch screen interface, exceeds compliance standards and simplifies the complex task of planning and navigating a vessel’s journey, without compromising on efficiency or safety.
The Seall ECDIS makes your journey better from start to finish.

The interface

The Seall ECDIS is the first of its kind to include a multi-touch screen interface, changing the way an ECDIS system is operated and making it faster, simpler and easier than ever to use. The system utilises a ‘soft’ keyboard, which appears on the screen when required and allows the user to add notes easily. This feature and the tablet style menu provides easier, faster navigation of the system and a better user experience.


The Seall ECDIS is faster than any other ECDIS. It’s powerful Intel Core i7 processor and an innovative new caching system, enable ENC’s to be loaded and displayed faster which allows the crew to work quicker on planned tasks and empowers them to respond quicker in reactive situations during a voyage.

Ease of use

The intuitive nature of the system and interface, makes navigation and manipulation of the system easy to understand and use. Computer based training, on iOS, Android, MAC and Windows ensures that users are fully up to speed within just half an hour. Certificates of completion are also provided via the training application.


Type Approved by DNV GL to the latest Edition 4.0 standards and is fully compliant with all official ENC services. The software is fully upgradable to ensure that future changes to regulations can be easily met. Designed for retro fit and new builds alike, installing and setting up the Seall ECDIS is a fast and simple process. The system automatically detects any sensors that it is connected to, including speed, positioning, and heading devices, AIS and ARPA, and automatically sets up monitoring functions. What’s more, the system can be installed and set up while docked or at sea, which provides the greatest flexibility for our clients.