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Geordie Nicholson

By enero 1, 2015Testimonios

“I have had the pleasure of having Yachtprojects providing VSAT on a global vessel that I was skippering over an eight year period. Their 24/7 assistance and the enthusiasm to solve all problems in a timely manner was never in question. Even to date, I am yet to find a service compatible and my loyalty will always with Yachtprojects. Nothing was and is never too much trouble, as I am still in contact with them and very much value their work ethic. Yachtprojects always deliver what they promise and in most cases excel in their delivery. To date, they have proven themselves within the industry as one on the most cost effective service providers on the market. I found the team to source un-biased IT solutions and network communications and help maintain an up-to-date IT system onboard and any advice is always forthcoming.”