Desde 2004 hemos podido ofrecer servicios de consultoría a la industria y seguimos haciéndolo hoy envía en comunicación, ingeniería, reacondicionamiento y reparación y nuevas construcciones.

Our principal is a veteran of some 50 years in the industry and has a good working knowledge of Class, Flag and the practical aspect of the process of getting the job done.

There is no job too big or small and over the years we have introduced many new innovations to the owners, captains and engineers of the world's yacht and commercial fleets.

Innovation is the key and with the onset of terms such as Carbon neutral, zero emissions and environmentally safe being thrown around design and production offices globally we have made it our mission to source, test to our satisfaction the newest and best solution in each area we pride ourselves in being focused on.

Short term consultancy is priced on our day rate of US$950 while longer term engagements incur negotiated rates.