International Llc have over the past two years completed several very large on board networks in both the yacht and commercial sectors of the marine industry. Linked with out “always on” internet connections we are able to provide the following network services.

  • Initial design and consultancy for the entire network
  • Cable installation, termination and testing
  • Hardware installation including servers, firewalls (bespoke) , network management, SIP/PBX, Wifi
  • Management and service soft ware for POS / inventory / purchasing / door security systems
  • Remote management
  • Crew Training and supply of IT officers

We pride ourselves for holding point on new technology and its integration into our supply and service operations. And we have vast experience in bringing older systems up to date and seamlessly integrating new technology with old. Our costs are invariably the most competitive in the industry and as you can see from out testimonials we have clients who have been with us for many years which is indicative of superior service.