YachtProjects MIMO 5G Dome

Longest Range / Fastest Speed Most Reliable

The latest 5G Technology for Ultimate Performance
At the heart of the MIMO Dome is the MIMO Connect powered by Celerway 5G Modem, mounted within an industrial grade aluminium casing, solid state technology, enterprise grade technology and proven over a wide range of industries.

8 High Gain Omni-directional Antennas
The MIMO antennas ensure the best range but in a compact size – meaning a compact solution in just a 50cm dome. The antennas are omni directional, and four antennas per modem delivering MIMO speeds to achieve 1Gbps+ speeds and extended range.

Short coax cables, terminated in ideal conditions
Not only do short, low loss cables ensure the best performance possible, they’re terminated and tested extensively in a controlled environment to ensure best performance and long
term reliability covered under our 3 year warranty.

Easy to install
All of the technical installation is done in our facility prior to testing, meaning the 5G MIMO Dome only requires a Cat6 or Cat7 Ethernet and power cable installed on site. Crew or MIMO Connect technicians can install and deliver super fast speeds in a matter of hours.

Mimo Antenna

  • Achieve a longer range on your 5G/4G connection
  • Flexible installation options
  • Global data packages available incl UK & US IP Addresses
  • SIM Bonding via UK or US MIMO Connect Data Centres
  • MIMO Omni-directional antennas & PUCK5 (5in1) Marine antenna for LTE-A and GPS connectivity.