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What is LINK?

LINK represents the future of truly connected yachting. With groundbreaking monitoring, control and diagnostics, LINK allows you to oversee your vessel no matter where you are in the world.

Developed by the global leaders in smart control and integration technology, LINK sets the standard for marine remote monitoring and smart solutions. Crafted in consultation with leading UK boat builders, LINK delivers a blend of unrivalled functionality and performance.

LINK delivers control and visibility of all onboard devices, including engine data, batteries, tanks, positioning, security, and climate.

LINK Integrations

LINK offers remote monitoring and control of a huge range of onboard equipment and devices, providing you and your crew with full remote visibility. Uniquely, LINK also offers direct control over multiple systems, allowing you or your crew to manage your vessel both onboard and onshore.

LINK connects directly with a huge range of marine systems, including NMEA 2000, J1939, and Dometic CAN. LINK also integrates with KNX, ModbusTCP, and Böning as well as all leading smart home control platforms, including Savant, Control4 and Crestron.

Whether you want to effortlessly control the lighting from your phone, free up your crew's time, or ensure your vessel is always running flawlessly, LINK does the hard work for you.

LINK bridge

Custom-designed hardware crafted in the UK to provide you with maximum connectivity and control options. This state-of-the-art technology is easy to install and retrofit.

LINK cloud

The central management hub that brigs together all your vessels, crew, boat builders, dealers, and maintenance providers. Feature rich, adaptive and completely secure.

LINK app

Your vessel, in the palm of your hand. Simple, user-friendly control of domestics, vessel monitoring, and smart devices. Send messages to your crew and set personalised alert preferences.

LINK display app

Make the most of LINK with intuitive apps for the leading brands of onboard multifunction displays. Developed at the request of captains and crew to give the full power of LINK directly from the bridge.

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