4G & 5G Solutions

Access to the Internet whilst at sea is more important to day than it has ever been. 4G has offered a reliable and long range solution at good working speeds, 5G is coming into its own closer to shore and in marinas. Our solutions all have a wifi bridge to the marina wifi and we offer a full range of hardware from recognized partners such as Peplink and Mimo. We have an array of SIM cards for connectivity around the globe to supplement our flexible VSAT offers

We tie these to our preferred Marine Antennas from Poynting to enable full internet access at up to 35 Nm off shore, at competitive cost

STOP PRESS : February 2021 we recored a through put of 8Mbps 68 Nautical Miles off shore
We offer for the vessel Data service several options

Vessel Caribbean Data Plan CLICK HERE
Vessel European Data Plan CLICK HERE
Vessel Infinite World Wide Data Plan CLICK HERE

For individual crew we offer the following

Caribbean Crew Voice & Data plan CLICK HERE
European Crew Voice & Data plan CLICK HERE