Communications: Crew Advanced Radio System

Yachtprojects International Llc have been working with industry leaders to provide a service to specific clients from which we are able to now offer the general market this revolutionary and innovative solution to the long standing issues of communication within the ship. Radios that work where UHF / VHF does not without license restrictions

This system works over any WLAN or IP networks (thus not limited to the marine environment)

Operates as FULL DUPLEX system or PTT (headset optional)

Fully integrates with existing VHF / UHF / VOIP system (both on board and off the vessel)

Range is only restricted locally by IP network extendable on board with more AP or off ship with WiFi Expander)

Fully encrypted and thus extremely secure

No Licence required.

Fully water proof and helmet installed units available

This systems restrictions are minimal and we have developed solutions for things unimaginable with existing systems.

Crew member to crew member (private)

Crew member (captain) to a group.. i.e. beds and heads, engineering, deck etc

Crew member to group based on location in ship.. i.e. mate is in engine room and captain wants to talk to all in Engine room

Crew member to station ashore on VHF (pre programmed channels)

Crew member to any station on UHF (pre programmed channels)

Crew member to pre programed phone number either on board or anywhere in world (requires VSAT connection)

Crew member to preprogrammed recipient a text (short message data)

Base computer any text to any recipient

On board ship location of hand set and show it on a graphically on screen

Works over dispersed locations (i.e. in Tender away from ship)

Base machine is reasonably simple to use to manage usage (initial programming is password protected)

Should radio be used by unauthorized person base station can disable unit and in an emergency the Microphone can be opened remotely for an operator to hear what is happing in the vicinity of the unit to identify the situation.

To recap:

Radio is linked to ships network via access points (WiFi)

On that network is situated a control unit (two available at present 20 or 100 users and multiples can be used to attain the user level required)

Programing computer is on network (used for programming and text messaging)

VOIP / SIP server is connected to network and each radio becomes an IP phone in its own right and able to access other IP phones

UHF integration unit on network allows connection to UHF frequencies

VHF integration unit on network allows connection to VHF frequencies

The options are endless..

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