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Zinc -v- Aluminium as Alloy for Sacrificial Anodes

Historically, there has been a preference to use Zinc rather than Aluminium, however, we recommend the opposite for the following reasons:

Price of Materials

The electrical capacity of Aluminium (2700 A hr/kg) is almost 3.5 times higher than that of Zinc (780 A hr/kg) and therefore the total amount of required anode material is less. Costs are reduced for the Cathodic Protection System but without compromising on performance.

Multi Effective

In brackish water, Aluminium anodes work more effectively than Zinc due to the higher driving voltage of Aluminium.

Environmental Pollution

Compared to Aluminium alloys, Zinc alloys contain more elements which are detrimental to the environment.

Manufactured in England to DNV-RP-B4001:2011, Annex B, U.S. MILL-A-18001K

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